Meet our 2022 Ford Transit Custom 340 Nugget Plus: your ticket to the great outdoors and crafted with the spirit of adventure in mind. With just 10,500 miles and a cozy, thought-out interior, this sleek grey motorhome is a haven on wheels. From the snug kitchenette to the inviting sleep space, every inch spells freedom. Loved and cared for by just one owner, it's more than a vehicle; it's a promise of memorable journeys in comfort and style. Reach out to us, and let's get you on the road to discovery.

See what our Nugget Plus can do


    The Tilt Roof in the Ford Transit Custom Nugget camper means you’ll have plenty of room when sleeping in the high-level double bed. The hinged roof can be lowered to make the camper van compact and agile on the road, and raised to maximise space when parked.


    A fully-equipped kitchen at the rear of the camper van provides you with plenty of space for cooking and for storing cans, bottles, packets... The area includes a dual burner gas hob, sink and tap, and all the work space you need to prepare a meal.


    The kitchen area in the Ford Transit Custom Nugget has space to store gas canisters up to 2.8kg. And replacing the canisters couldn’t be simpler, so you’ll always be able to cook your favourite meals.


    External 230-24v recharging points enable you to recharge your power supply when parked near a mains socket. There’s an external connector to refill your fresh water tank too, making it easier than ever to keep your camper’s water supply topped up.


    The integrated sat nav system means you’re always on the right path, with real-time updates and travel insights at your fingertips. And when you arrive, the advanced parking sensors offer precision and peace of mind, guiding you into the tightest spots without a hitch.


    From hot showers to a convenient toilet, and ample room to move around, your hygiene and comfort are never compromised. It's more than a washroom; it's a private retreat after a day’s exploration, ensuring you’re ready for whatever tomorrow’s adventure brings.

185PS Long Wheel Base

Extra Space

Embrace the luxury of space with our Nugget Plus, featuring a long wheel base that affords an expansive interior. This extra room not only enhances comfort during your travels but also accommodates a full washroom.

two double bed areas

4 Berth

The Nugget Plus is a true travel companion, offering a 4-berth sleeping arrangement that makes it perfect for family adventures or trips with friends. With its smart design, everyone gets a comfortable spot to rest, ensuring that the journey is as pleasant as the destination.

end kitchen & washroom

Stand up

Crafted for convenience and comfort, the Nugget Plus boasts a kitchen space where you can stand up straight and cook with ease. The thoughtful design eliminates the crouch and cramp of typical campervan kitchens, giving you the freedom to stir, sauté, and savor your culinary creations in complete comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you selling your Nugget Plus?

After many memorable journeys and countless smiles per mile, we've decided it's time for our Nugget Plus to find a new home. We're not saying goodbye to adventure but rather passing on the baton of travel and discovery. We hope to find a buyer who cherishes this van as much as we have, ready to embark on new adventures and create their own wonderful stories on the open road.

Where are you based?


When is it available?

From March

Can I book a tour?

Yes, get in touch below.

How much are you selling it for?


What do they cost brand new?

The larger 185PS engines are no longer sold but a new 150PS Nugget Plus has an RRP of almost £90,000.

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